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Get meta_key from a field inside a group

  • Hello

    We have a field-group on each user profile.
    The group consists of two fields:
    1. Button Group with three values
    2. File upload

    I need to updates these field values with a form. Therefore I use NinjaForms, that usually works like a charm. We can update user profile fields with ease, we just need the meta key of the field and then insert a value.

    But I need get the meta key of a sub-field from the group. How can I retrieve this?

  • Group fields append the group name to the meta key. You can browse the wp_usermeta table (or its equivalent if wp_ isn’t your database prefix) in your WordPress database to see your user-based group fields and their values if you’ve populated any but the meta key is usually: group_name_subfield_name.

  • @wpfieldwork Awesome. That was the answer! Works like a charm now 🙂

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