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Get label from User Custom Field

  • Hey all,

    I’m working on a front-end portion of the site where I need to display the field label and data. I’m successfully able to get the field and data, however, the label seems to be blank.

    Here is what I’m doing:

    First, I get the fields:
    $user_meta = get_fields('user_'.$userid);

    Then, I loop through each to get the ones I want. I’ve prefixed the ones I want with user_q_:

    $questions = array();
    foreach ($user_meta as $meta_name => $value):
       if(strpos($meta_name, 'user_q_') !== FALSE):
          $questions[$meta_name] = $value;

    So far so good, however, then I try to display the question labels and value and the label is blank:

    <?php foreach($questions as $question => $value):
       $field = get_field_object($question, false, array('load_value' => false));
    <h3><?php echo $field['label']; ?></h3>
    <div><?php echo $value; ?></div>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

    If I print out the $field object from above, here is the results for one of the values:
    Array ( [key] => field_user_q_about [label] => [name] => user_q_about [type] => text [order_no] => 1 [instructions] => [required] => 0 [id] => acf-field-user_q_about [class] => text [conditional_logic] => Array ( [status] => 0 [allorany] => all [rules] => 0 ) [default_value] => [formatting] => html )

    As you can see, the label value is blank.

    Any thoughts, ideas, hints, things to look at? Am I doing something completely wrong?

    Thanks for any advice!

  • @korndev

    Try using get_field_objects() including the (user) ID, as in:

    $user_meta = get_field_objects('user_' . $userID);
    foreach($user_meta as $meta) :
      if (strpos($meta['name'], 'user_q_') !== FALSE) { ?>
        <h3><?php echo $meta['label']; ?></h3>
        <div><?php echo $meta['value']; ?></div>
    <?php }

    Notice the field key is returning the field’s name prefixed with “field_” – this means ACF can’t find the actual field object for the post (but it can find the meta_value).

  • @wells5609 Awesome! You lead me to try something that got me to the answer.

    I can’t do exactly what you said cause I needed to do the get_fields call for some other data. But, your answer prompted me to try:

    $field = get_field_object($question, 'user_'.$userid, array('load_value' => false));

    Essentially adding in the user_ID# instead of passing in FALSE. This did the trick for me. Not sure why I didn’t try that before!


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