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Get first selected Checkbox label

  • How can I get the first checkbox label and echo it? Was hoping I could do something like this, but, it doesn’t work:

       team = get_field_object('team');
    <a href="/our-team">< Back</a>
    <a class="teamsBtn"><?php the_field('team')[1];  ?></a>
  • get_field_object() returns the same field array that you’ll see if you export a field group to code.

    $team = get_field_object('team');
    $choices = $field['choices'];

    the_field() echos the value of the field. Use get_field() if you want to do something with the value

    $value = get_field('team');

    echo the label associated with the first selected value.

    echo $choices[$value[0]];
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