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Get fields in group

  • Hi,

    i pass the company key as a parameter in an url.
    Then i search for this key in my fields (see attached screenshot), which do work.

    But how can i get all other fields in this group belonging to this taxonmy entry?

    I’m thankfull for every hint.


  • my current solution is this:

    $argsc = array(
            'order'             => 'ASC',
            'hide_empty'        => true,
            'fields'            => 'all',
          $termsc = get_terms("user-type", $argsc);
          foreach ( $termsc as $cterm ) {
            $value = get_field( 'company_id', $cterm);
            if($_GET['key'] == $value){
              $image = get_field("company_logo", $cterm);
              if ($image != '') {
                $image_src = $image['url'];

    maybe there is an easy way to do it without looping over each term.

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