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Get field value from another post

  • hi;
    We use ACF pro and Calculated fields for ACF and woocommerce.
    We set some fields in user profile (field_A , Field_B , field_C) and one field in product page (field_D) in two different group.
    Now we want to use value of field_D from specific product in all user profile to make calculation.

    for example:
    product name= test >>> field_D value = 100
    user= john >>> field_A value=10
    user=david >>> field_A=20
    we want to get field_D value from product test and use this to sum with field_A and save in field_B in all user profile, then the result is:
    user= john >>> field_B value=110
    user=david >>> field_B=120

    * the calculation can make with “Calculated fields for ACF plugin” and our issue is how can get field_D from product test

    Thanks for your help

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