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Get all values from user profile acf_form

  • Hi,

    I’ve created a questionnaire using acf_form set on user profiles with radio buttons fields.
    this way – the results are visible in the user profile page in the admin area.

    but now – I want to send the questions and the answers to my email automatically, so I have a backup of the user answers.

    This is my form (that works perfectly)

                                $options = array(
                                    'post_id' => 'user_'.$current_user->ID,
                                    'field_groups' => array(232),
                                    'form' => true,
                                    'return' => add_query_arg( 'as', 'f', get_permalink() ),
                                    'html_before_fields' => '',
                                    'html_after_fields' => '',
                                    'submit_value' => esc_html__( 'Continue', 'testtheme' )
                                acf_form( $options );

    And this is my sending function:
    (it’s the example from the documentation with small changes. It works great except for the form content)

    add_action('acf/save_post', 'my_save_post');
    function my_save_post( $post_id ) {
    	// bail early if editing in admin
    	if( is_admin() ) {
    	// vars
    	$post = get_post( $post_id );
    	$name = 'Test site sender';
    	$email = '[email protected]';
    	// email data
    	$to = '[email protected]';
    	$headers = 'From: ' . $name . ' <' . $email . '>' . "\r\n";
    	$subject = 'test';//$post->post_title;
    	// send email
    	wp_mail($to, $subject, $body, $headers );

    Thanks ahead


  • Set the priority of your filter to 20 so that it runs after ACF has saved the values

    add_action('acf/save_post', 'my_save_post', 20);

    Then get the values and add them the same way you’d get them for a template

    $body = '';
    $body .= 'Field Label: '.get_field('field_name', $post_id)."\r\n";
    $body .= 'field label 2:'.get_field('field_name_2, $post_id)."\r\n";

    You could probably also use either get_fields() or get_field_objects() and use a loop to add them to the body. The main difference between a template and what you’re doing is that you need to add the values to the string rather then display them.

  • almost! 🙂

    I got all the objects and been able to send them through email,
    the only problem left is I get the chosen radio button value, and I need the chosen radio button’s name.

    This is my relevant code now:

    	$body = '';
    	$fields = get_field_objects($post_id);
    	if( $fields )
    		foreach( $fields as $field_name => $field )
    			$body .= '<li>';
    //the field label:
    			$body .= '<h3>' . $field['label'] . '</h3>'; 
    //the chosen radio button value:
    			$body .= $field['value'];
    			$body .= '</li>';
  • Try using

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