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Get ACF field values of related group (via Post Object) in functions.php

  • I have 2 WordPress custom post types: CLIENT and MEASUREMENT

    I also have 2 ACF groups: CLIENT and MEASUREMENT

    I have multiple CLIENT posts.

    When I create a new MEASUREMENT post I can select a CLIENT via a ‘Post object field’ to set the relation with the CLIENT.

    When I am done with the MEASUREMENT post I want to email the data to the CLIENT.

    I know how to send an email with all MEASUREMENT data but I can’t get the email addresses (repeater field) from within the related CLIENT post.

    When I call these CLIENT email addresses within a template file I can do something like this (working):

    $measurement_client = get_field('measurement_client'); // Post Object in MEASUREMENT group
    $measurement_client_email_addresses = get_field('company_email_addresses', $measurement_client->ID); // Repeater field in CLIENT group

    but I figured out I can’t use this code in my functions.php file because I have to use $_POST['acf'] in stead of get_field and here’s where I lose it.

    The code below is working (tested it with a demo $to) but I don’t know what needs to be placed on **??????** to get the sub field values of the related field within the related CLIENT post…

    I hope my question is clear?

    // Get submitted values.
    $values				= $_POST['acf'];
    $measurement_client = $_POST['acf']['field_5e147914518a6']; // Post Object from CLIENT group
    $measurement_client_email_addresses = ?????? // Repeater field in CLIENT group
    if ( $measurement_client_email_addresses ) {
        $list = array();
        foreach( $measurement_client_email_addresses as $measurement_client_email_address ) {
            $list[] = $measurement_client_email_address['field_5e1452c41945c']; // Sub field in CLIENT group
        $to = implode(',', $list);

    So in other simple words:
    How do I retrieve a field value (in functions.php) of a field that is not actually in the GROUP/POST itself but in a connected (via post object) GROUP/POST?

  • See my last comment here

    $measurement_client_id = intval($_POST['acf']['field_5e147914518a6']);
    $emails = array();
    if (have_rows('email_repeater', $measurement_client_id)) {
      while (have_rows('email_repeater', $measurement_client_id)) {
        $emails[] = get_sub_field('email_field');
  • John, again you’re a life safer.

    Apparently I was searching in the wrong direction.

    Many many tnx.

    All kuddos go to you:

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