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Get a specific field from Flexible Content on another page

  • I’m using Flexible Content for creating different page layouts on different pages. For example on About page, I have a WYSIWYG field with content “What We Do”. And I would like to display this exact field on a different page as well. Is this possible? If so how?

  • I’m not sure if you just want the content or if you want the ability to have that field when you edit the page.

    If you are tying to get the content, you would just add echo get_field(‘what_we_do’,[post_ID of the page]);

    If you want it to appear when you edit a page, just create a new location rule for that page:

  • Sorry for not being clear. I meant the content yes. But since this is a flexible content field, not sure how I can place the exact one I want on another page’s flexible content layout.

  • I would add a post object field to your flexible content field that returns the page ID. It provides a page link. When you loop through the flexible content field you can add logic: if the post object field = the page you want the content to appear, echo the WYSIWYG field. I can guide you through this if you are unfamiliar.

  • Hi @pixibuex, with few coworkers we made a acf plugin to manage flexible fields : copy, paste, import from differents pages.
    I think it might be what you’re looking for 🙂

    ACF Flexible Layouts Manager

    (it’s still under active development so if you find some issues, you can tell us)

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