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German translation, menu title too long

  • German translation of menu title is too long since ACF Pro 5.3.9.x update, see Screenshot:

    New: “Benutzerdefinierte Felder” (too long)
    Old: “Eigene Felder” (works fine)

  • Another wrong/bad german translation was introduced with 5.3.9.x

    When editing a field in a field-set, field type dropdown-select:

    New: “- Wähle -” (gives the impression that no type is selected)
    Old: “Auswahlmenü” (correct)

    Edit: Both issues are solved in the meantime, had to trigger a manual WPML re-scan of ACF Plugin, now correct strings show up. Had an old version of ACF installed long ago, seems WPML remembered these old strings…

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