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Generic action buttons for ajax

  • My suggestion is a button that can be placed anywhere a normal field can. The button would trigger an AJAX request to admin-ajax.php with a specified action and optional parameters.

    My use case for this was on a website that I made. The website utilized a very large amount of JSON for a Google Map. I cached the JSON in a file in my theme, but needed a way to update the file. I ended up creating an WP Admin page on my own but it made me think of this suggestion. I would have found it very convenient being able to place a generic button on an options page that sent a simple AJAX request for me.

    When placing the button in some sort of context like on a custom post type page, you could have the option to include in the AJAX request some contextual data like the meta fields associated with the post.

    I have yet to come up with more use cases other than refreshing cache but I am sure there are plenty.

  • Hi @brian1037

    Altho it might not be the prettiest, if you want to put a button somewhere using ACF you can create a “message” field and add the button to that. You can put something like

    <button type="button" class="button-secondary" id="my-ajax-trigger" data-action="myajaxaction">Trigger AJAX please</button>

    in it.

  • I think your request makes sense in some cases but I think it’s too small of a use-case for it to be added to ACF core.. Of course you’re free to add it as an addon tho!

  • I can live with the Message field solution 🙂

    If I had the skill I would create an addon but I’ll leave that to the pros.

  • Cool 🙂

    ACF Actually makes it pretty easy to create new field types if you want to give it a shot. As long as you have decent code skills beyond HTML and CSS you should be able to work it out. you can read more here:

    Best of luck in your project!

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