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  • I have been developing a local installation site with ACF, ACF Repeater & ACF Flexible Content and I have been noticing a few editing page bugs that I thought I should share (see screenshots). They are mostly display errors (CSS issues most likely?) but still a bit scary for a non-techie administrator to see.

    I have a Repeater, with a nested flexible content section within it. When I add a layout type everything works fine but unlike with the parent ACF field (where the delete icon hovers in) I cannot find a way of deleting just the layout I have added? No hovers appear at all. This means I have to delete the entire section and re-do all of my other work. Seems a bit odd, unless I’m missing something…?

    Forgot to add I’m seeing these issues all in the latest (stable) Chrome.

  • Hi @egr103

    Thanks for the screenshots.

    I pushed an update to the repeater field a few days ago to tackle the issue of ‘hidden’ flexible content action buttons.

    You can re-download the repeater field add-on to get this fix.

    I’ll take a look at the other CSS issues and release a 1.1.1 soon


  • Ok thanks @elliot.

    I just went to My Account and re-downloaded the repeater plugin but the Read Me still says v1.1.0. Is that correct because I already have that version installed? My setup is ACF v4.3.0, Repeater v1.1.0 and Flexible Content v1.1.0.

  • Hi @egr103

    Yes, the version has not yet been changed, just the minor CSS fix for now. Please replace your files with the newer add-on files.


  • Ok great that’s done the trick. Thanks.

  • Ok some more bugs I’m noticing although they don’t always happen. When I have multiple repeater fields or flexible content types, sometimes when I click the minus sign to remove a block of content the layout breaks. Even if I delete all content blocks and add a new block the layout still appears broken. Screenshots attached. Again using the latest Chrome.

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