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Gallery with Flexible Content

  • Hi

    I purchased Gallery and Flexible Content plugin and juts tried to let them work together but if I use this code `<?php

    $image_ids = get_sub_field(‘gallery’, false, false);

    $shortcode = ‘
    [gallery ids="' . implode(',', $image_ids) . '"]

    echo do_shortcode( $shortcode );

    it does not work.
    I changed get_field to get_sub_field but I only get [gallery ids="Array,Array,Array"]

    What do I have to change to get it working?

    Best regards Matthias

  • Hi @Matthias

    The get_sub_field does not have an option for formatting.

    You will need to construct the $ids like so:

    $images = get_sub_field('gallery');
    $image_ids = array();
    foreach( $images as $image )
    	$image_ids[] = $image['id'];
    $shortcode = '[gallery ids="' . implode(',', $image_ids) . '"]';
    echo do_shortcode( $shortcode );
  • Elliot – thank you, thank you, thank you! I was trying to use the Gallery plugin with the Repeater plugin and I was having the same problem. I couldn’t figure out why the original WP Gallery code example wouldn’t work with get_sub_field.

    It took me quite a while to find this thread. As a suggestion, you might consider putting this code example in either the Gallery or Repeater documentation (or both).


  • Hi @Paul

    This code is already in the gallery field documentation down the bottom!


  • Hi @elliot

    The original code that Matthias and I both tried to use is at the bottom of the gallery field documentation, but I couldn’t find your revised code to use a gallery sub_field anywhere but on this thread. That’s the code I think it would be helpful to post in the documentation. Did I miss it?



  • Hi @elliot

    I used the code that you posted in your original reply exactly as you wrote it, with the exception that I changed

    echo do_shortcode( $shortcode );


    echo apply_filters('the_content', $shortcode);

    It seems to be working fine, but some of this is a little over my head so I wanted to get your opinion. Do you think there’s any problems with using apply_filters instead of do_shortcode? Will this require more processing and potentially slow down the page?

    I made this switch because I’m trying to use a plugin called Simple Light Box, and it won’t work if the gallery isn’t run though the the_content filter.



  • Hi there,

    Confirming that this solution worked for me as well, but I’m not seeing it in the Gallery documentation as was indicated earlier in this thread.

    Perhaps it’s in another location, or could it be added?

    Thanks for your help!

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