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Gallery type functionality

  • I want to know if product can provide me with the following capability.

    I want to have a link from a product page to a “gallery” of images that when clicked takes the user to a page of images. The user clicks on the iamge and the user is returned to the product page with the descrption of the image in a field. This field is then displayed with the image desciption and included as part of the product so that it appears in the cart.

    Thank you,

    Brian Turner

    Mission, BC Canada

  • Hi @newbutold47

    ACF provides the backend functionality of a Gallery field which in your case can be assigned to the ‘Product page’. Your users can then upload images to this Gallery field and also add descriptions and captions for the images.

    An alternative would be to also use an image field which also offers the same upload functionality.

    You will then need to create the frontend logic for click events, you can also use a lightbox plugin for the images to pop up from the gallery.

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