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Gallery taking extremely long to upload images, and fails images

  • I developed a WordPress site for my friend who is a photographer, and because WordPress doesn’t feature an “insert all” for all uploaded photos to a post, I have been using the gallery plugin and then looping through the images in the code to display them all within a blog post. However, the gallery plugin has been taking an extremely long amount of time to upload images and often fails to upload images completely and skips ahead to other images instead.

    I just selected 28 images to upload, it stalled at image number 10 for 3-4 minutes, then moved on. Stopped at image 19 and did the same thing, and the same thing for image 28. So it omitted 10, 11, 19, 28….tried uploading those four and it got 10 and 11, stalled on 19, uploaded 28. Reuploaded 19 by itself, stalled once, tried again, now it loaded.

    Is there a reason this is not just uploading in order all at once? The images are being uploaded for retina quality, could that be the issue?

  • Hi @mtorosian

    The gallery field and any media uploading in ACF use the native WP uploaded popup.

    If you are having a speed / error issue with the uploader, it will not be specific to ACF, but specific to the WP uploader.

    Please take a look on google for some threads with a similar issue.

    What size are the images being uploaded?
    Perhaps it is the server lacking power?

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