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Gallery issues when added to Widget

  • Hi guys,

    I’m using ACF PRO. Using the conditional logic i add the Gallery field into a widget. While doing it i have found one UI issue and one functionality issue.

    1. UI

    a. On regular Widgets page: When clicking on the image to edit it, the Close button is invisible. See attachment 1.

    b. In Customizer: When i add this widget and then click on image to edit, the whole interface slides to negative left and the Close button is not visible as well. See attachment 2.

    2. Functionality

    Still in Customizer, after i done editing i hit the “Save & Publish” button, everything is saved. Then i come back and add more images into the gallery, but now the Customizer does not recognize that any changes were made and therefor the “Save & Publish” button remains in not active state and still says “Saved”.

    Edit: I have not noticed the Bug Report forum at first. Added this topic there.

  • Opened a support ticket.

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