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Gallery image preview size

  • I’ve had a look around but apologies if this has been covered before…

    Whatever setting I set the preview size to for the gallery when creating the field, it always displays the image huge when creating/preview a gallery in a page or post (back-end). The same thing happens with an image field actually (only just noticed this) so perhaps this is in the wrong place but at the moment I’m working on a gallery!

    Is this a known bug? It’s really cluttering up the back-end on pages and even with a few images, the page is suddenly really long. I’ve done a screengrab here to show what it looks like (I’ve got the preview size set to thumbnail here).

  • Hi @nathobson

    Potentialy, the images you are selecting do not exist at the cropped size you want. Have you recently created the image size?

    You may need to use a plugin such as ‘regenerate thumbnails’ to create the image files.

  • Ah, OK. I’m currently trying to use the default “thumbnail” size available in ACF. However, I’ve tried all the standard size options AFC has and none of them work for me.

    I will try the regenerate thumbnail plugin buy if this worked, presumably I’d have to do this every time an image was added to the site which is not ideal for a client.

    Thanks for the help,


    OK, figured it out. I was using images that were already uploaded into the media gallery to test with so they didn’t have thumbnails create as you quite rightly said. If I upload fresh images it works correctly (uses thumbnail previews)

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