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  • Hi
    I’m looking for a solution to get the gallery-field images captions/descriptions to work with qtranslateX.

    So far my solution is to add an extra acf-qtranslate-text-field to any attachements which also shows up in the gallery field (see screenshot).
    But it would be much nicer to extend the existing fields (caption/description) with the qtranslate functionality.
    wouldn’t this be possible trough a filter?

    Thanks for any advise!

  • HI @mailfint-ch

    Kindly have a look at this plugin that might help 🙂

  • Hi James
    Thank you.
    As described in my first post I’m already using this plugin (acf-qtranslate) for adding an extra qtranslate textfield to attachements.
    Unfortunately this is completly broken now with the newest version ACF PRO 5.3.7
    When trying to edit the image details in a gallery field, the whole page loads again in the acf-gallery-side instead of the attachement detail editor….

    Any hint is appreciated 🙂

  • Hi @mailfint-ch,

    Thanks for the follow up.

    For this kind of issues, it is best to open a support ticket at [email protected] and our friendly support team will get back to you immediately 🙂

  • Hi James

    Thank you. I found out that it was a issue with the acf-qtranslate plugin, not with ACF, because acf-qtranslate has not been updated over a year and some lines of code have changed in the ACF plugin.
    But this fork works:

    Anyway the original question is more precisely: How to build a multilingual gallery field.
    And I think the answer lies in analysing the acf-qtranslate plugin and reading about “Creating a new field type”


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