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Gallery Field user rights problem

  • Hi there, and first of all: Thanks a lot for the best wordpress plugin ever created!

    The gallery field seems to have a problem with user rights. When I create a gallery as administrator, I can’t edit the attachment info (Title, Description) as an editor if clicking the pencil icon. When I go to the attachment through the Media button in the main admin menu, I can edit it without problems, so the issue must lie somewhere in the gallery plugin.

    Could you check this?

  • Sorry, the problem must be a bit more complex, I somehow managed to overwrite the faulty behaviour by re-saving the posts. So I have to say it “sometimes” doesn’t work…

  • Hi @Rasso

    I’ll take a look into this soon, but in the meantime, can you keep your console log open and attempt to get the issue to happen again.

    When it happens, can you then look in the console log and open up the AJAX data?
    Is there some sort of PHP error in the JSON which is preventing WP from loading the data?


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