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Gallery Field Sort Feature

  • Dear Elliot,

    Thank you for providing us with the best wordpress plugin that exist out there. I love the gallery field, the only extra feature which I think would be convenient to have is the sorting option, by name or by date, because as of now if you want new images to be listed first you have to drag them manually rather then just sorting them by date of by name with one click. This would be great time saver.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Andrius

    Thanks for the feedback. I love the idea and I hope to get some time soon to add some much needed attention to the gallery field.

    Thanks again,

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  • Hi @gabiton

    I will have to ask you to remove this plugin from this thread and also anywhere else you have advertised it.

    You are publicly sharing a premium add-on which violates the terms and conditions of this plugins.

    Feel free to share the specific .js code which you are have re-written (the parts to replace, not the entire file).


  • is there any way you could return that part of js, as its really convenient and needed.

  • I’m interested in this feature as well. Also it would be nice to quickly “reverse sort” the images like we can with standard WordPress galleries. Thanks!

  • Found this page through google, just wondering if there are any updates.
    As I’m looking for this features as well 😉

  • Hi guys

    ACF5 will introduce a new gallery interface with sort ability.


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