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Gallery field requests

  • I have a couple of requests for the Gallery field:

    1. Add the option for the “List” view as there was in the previous version, or at least a way to display all the image titles in the grid view. It would be helpful to be able to see more info about each photo without having to click on each item.

    2. Add a way to provide an alternate title & caption for a particular photo that would only be available to the photo as rendered in that particular post. Basically, a way to change the title & caption without the change affecting the photo’s title & caption in the image library.

  • I concur with the first request. List view is very helpful for a client managing her own site, since it reveals the image metadata and could prompt adding it where it’s missing.

    List view would be even better if the meta fields (Title, Alternate Text, Caption and Description, and any programmed custom fields like ‘Photographer’) could be edited in place next to their images.

    Tarheeldev, I wonder if your second request might best be met by using a Repeater fieldset instead of the Gallery, adding separate text fields for your custom title and caption.

  • The repeater field might do the trick – then I would code it to use the image’s meta data unless the custom caption/title fields were filled out in the repeater. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • The repeater field did work, though I ended up hacking the image.php in the plugin so that it would display the original title & caption of the image below the thumbnail. Then I added a “Title” and “Caption” field to the repeater and coded the template to use the title or caption from the repeater if it was filled out, otherwise to use the image’s default title/caption.

    Was there a way I could have displayed the image’s original title & caption in the WP edit screen without hacking the plugin?

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