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Gallery Field pull in custom post-type data?

  • Can the Gallery Field pull in custom post-type data? For example say i have a custom post-type called “movie items”. I would like to create a Gallery Feild based off of those “movie items” i created and pull them into a page.

    I hope this makes sense


  • Never mind i figured it out!

  • Hi @jwight1234

    Just for future readers, are you able to post your solution?

  • Hi @elliot,
    After i purchased the “gallery field plugin” i found that it doesn’t support custom post-types just images. What I ended up doing was creating a post object field inside a field repeater and placed it on the desired page. It doesn’t display any images like the “gallery field plugin” but the user can use the drag and drop functionality of the “repeater field” like a gallery and that work for now. IF anyone has a better solution please let me know.

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