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Gallery field not working at front-end

  • With some help, I created a form using the ACF Pro plugin and also have this same form in the front-end. In the front-end, the form will be used by users who are visiting the site and are not logged in WordPress.

    All of this works fine. Submitting the form creates a draft post, as it is supposed to.

    However, one field isn’t working: the gallery field. It doesn’t respond to anything at the front-end (back-end–so when logged into WP–it does work).

    The person helping me to set this all up, says it’s because of security and the gallery field shouldn’t work if you’re not logged into WP. On the other hand, the form also contains an image field for uploading an avatar, and this field does work.

    My question: is it correct that the Gallery field isn’t functioning when the visitor is not someone logged into WordPress? If so, how should I then allow users to upload their documents?

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