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Gallery field in comments form on front-end?

  • Is it possible to add a gallery field to the comments form on the front-end using ACF?

    If so, is the below possible?

    1) WordPress has the ability to show the most recent comments from across the site on the homepage, but would I then be able to show the images from that gallery field as well?

    2) Would I some how be able to differentiate the two different types in the comments.php template (put regular comments in one spot/tab and the image comments in another)?

  • In order to use the gallery field on the front end of the site the logged in user must have permission to manage media files. For the rest of it you’d need to look at how the comments are shown and customize that output to show the images. I don’t know what would be involved in spitting comments into two areas, like I said, this all has to do with the way the WP shows comments and you’d need to look into that in the WP docs.

  • Okay, great.

    Thanks John!

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