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Gallery field CSS problem.

  • Hi,

    After latest update of the ACF pro plugin We are seeing some problems with the CSS style of the gallery field.

    It seems like the “row” with buttons are set to a height that makes the content get squeezed a bit out of the container.

    See the images below to figure out what i mean:

    button row

    CSS rule setting the height of the row

    CSS rule disabled

    CSS rule close up

    For now i just override the styling of the plugin, was mostly meant as a heads up.


    // Hans.

  • Thanks, I’ll mark this for the developer’s attention.

  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the bug report.

    I’m happy to remove the height setting, but it looks like you may have a n overflow setting which is causing the element to force the height.

    I’ve tested in chrome and firefox, but can’t replicate the css issue on my end.

    Can you check the element for any extra style?

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