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Gallery drag n drop not working

  • Hi there,

    i have a gallery working properly but somehow the drag n drop functionality isn’t working anymore. I’m on WordPress 3.4.2. and on ACF Version Can’t say when this stopped to work, but someone may have experienced this and have a hint where to find the problem?

    thanks in advance

  • It’s probably a JS error.. if you have chrome or firefox you can check your console for js errors and post them here! It’d help!

  • Hey thanks,

    as far as my knowledge about debugging goes,
    on firebug this is the one error i get in

    TypeError: acf.fields.repeater is undefined
    acf.fields.repeater.set_column_widths( $(this) );

    This is within:

    * acf/setup_fields
    * @description:
    * @since: 3.5.8
    * @created: 17/01/13
    $(document).live('acf/setup_fields', function(e, postbox){
    var div = $(this);
    // sortable
    _flex.add_sortable( div );
    // set column widths
    acf.fields.repeater.set_column_widths( $(this) );
  • Hi @Wallroff

    This was fixed in the flexible content field v1.0.2

    Please update.

  • Hi Elliot,

    thanks! This solved it. I didn’t know the new Plugin system requires manual updating. The new versions didn’t show up on my plugins page.

    Good work, man!

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