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  • Hi I am using oxygen and i am trying to get do all of the above.

    The first issue i have is trying to get a custom link on each image as the all have a specific page to click to rather than just the image itself. I am using attachments to show the link. Not sure if i should be using url / text / link / page link and array or URL? It doesn’t overwrite the image URL itself.

    A lot of the time i get no data found when i use gallery as well.

    It feels like I should be using repeater but not sure if i should be using image or galley as the field. I have over 50 images on some pages so adding 50 images is much simpler with gallery. I can get captions looking great to display the girls names.

    Needed pagination on the pages as well with about 18 images per page. Wanted to make sure the link anchor / URL was the page URL as well.

    I have been playing around with all this for hours and each option I have tried has a few elements but cant do all. Not got much PHP experience either.

    This is a staging website.

    Any pointers gratefully received.



  • You need to figure out how to use ACF field with the builder you are using. You might want to start here

  • Hi John

    I am ok with using ACF with Oxygen been using it for a while. I have had a support reply from Oxygen saying pagination isnt possible at the moment. The ACF part which i need to make it all work as best i can is the custom link component.

    I have updated the staging page so you can see the gallery using ACF and Oxygen.



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