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Gallery add on: max/min width/height

  • Hi Elliot.
    First things first: totally love your plugin.
    I bought all the add on because you deserve money for what you’ve done.
    Anyway I have a feature request for the gallery add on.
    It would be ultra cool to have the possibility to define a min/max width/height for the upload.


  • Hi @manuelmoreale

    Thanks for the praise and feedbackm but unfortunately, ACF does not have any way of validating upload data as this is done via the native WP uploader.

    Perhaps you could use a WP image size to generate the desired size on upload?


  • Yep I can use WP Image but that could work only for crop big images. My main problem is when someone upload an img smaller than my min required size.
    Anyway thanks for the answer. I’ll figured out a way to do this 😉

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