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Gallery Add-on: Keeps trying to update to 1.1.0, but it already is 1.1.0

  • Hi Elliot,

    First of all thanks for your live-saving great work with ACF in general. I use it on most of my sites now. Currently I’m having a small issue with a multisite and the Gallery Field add-on:

    Multisite: Yes
    Installed version: 1.1.0 of Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field
    WordPress version: 3.6.1 (the issue existed in 3.6.0 as well)
    The issue: The plugin keeps telling me to update to 1.1.0, but it is already installed. I haven’t found the reason in the code yet. Neither in acf-gallery-update.php nor any other plugin file. Maybe it has to do with the parameter set in the mentioned file on line 209, where you perform the version compare:
    if( version_compare($info->version, $this->settings['version'], '<=') )

    Screenshot (in German):

  • I have had this problem and i think it’s a multisite-only issue as it doesn’t do it on single installations.

  • Thanks for the info @roflman79, the weird thing is though, that it’s only appearing to be a problem with multsite and the gallery field add-on. Other premium add-ons don’t have the problem.

  • I’m getting this as well only on multisite.

  • Same for me too, with both the gallery field as well as the options field.

  • Hi guys.

    Thanks for the feedback on this issue. I think I need to install a multi-site for some testing.


  • Hey Elliot, awesome thank you! Let me know if you need further information to solve this issue.

  • I am experiencing the same issue.
    (Sorry for the duplicate post)

  • Hi guys.

    I’ve made an update to the gallery field update script which should hopefuly fix the issue once and for all.

    Can you please update the gallery field, and let me know if the message disappears?


  • Hey @elliot,

    Thanks for pushing the update, it works!

  • @elliot. Thanks. That seems to have fixed the problem, but you really should have updated the version number!
    I need to keep old versions of plugins around in case there are issues with a newer version and I need to revert (you don’t seem to provide links to old versions). Having two different version of the plugin with the same version number does not help.

  • Yes, I would appreciate this too @elliot, so we could keep track of the stuff easily.

    @mikelittle: Thanks for co-creating WordPress, you rock!

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