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Further Incompatibility with Polylang

  • I have WordPress 3.8 / ACF 4.3.4 and PolyLang 1.3.1.

    I can see the fix noted in Nov/Dec now included in core/fields/relationship.php but still cannot get Polylang to work with ACF.

    When I look in the database, it has the translated fields, but when I view the page, any advanced custom fields are not displaying in correct language (though other elements are), so something still isn’t being mapped properly.

    what additional info would you all need to help?

    thanks much

  • The fields are saved in the database, but only as revisions of initial published post. Can’t get the foreign language field revisions to pages to display unless I update the database manually.

    Had default entries specified, so am taking those out and will see if it continues to override.

    Polylang install works fine with menus and on pages where there is no ACF.

  • Hi @river-clement

    I’m yet to do testing with the polylang plugin, but will do in the future. Has any other devs posted support issues on the polylang plugins site? Perhaps their plugin does not support the ACF plugin.


  • Hi @elliot – thanks. what I found yesterday was that if I did not have default values set in the fields, then it would work.

    However, if I had default values specified for the fields, then the information would save but there was something with the revisions that would get messed up.

    To fix, I manually remapped in database to fix – both the polylang post mapping and as well as forcing the correct revision to be the published post of foreign language ACF entry.

    For the rest, as soon as I deleted the default ACF field values, it worked as it should.

    thank you.

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