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  • Hello,

    is there any documentation, where i can see how internal functions like acf_get_setting(), acf_render_field(), acf_render_field_setting() or acf_get_pretty_post_types() works.

    I can’t find these functions in the github repository, so i’m slightly confused. 😉

  • As far as I know there isn’t any documentation on internal functions, how they work or what they do. The only way to really figure this out is to read through the code to see.

    I doubt that every part of the code for ACF will ever be documented, there is only one developer and he’s doing this all by himself. The only things that are documented are what most developers will use for adding custom field content to their sites.

  • Ok, i didn’t really expect a documentation for these functions, but i cant even find them anywhere in the source code.

    I can call these functions, but they are obviously nowhere defined. That’s my problem. So of course i can’t even see, which functions are already available.

  • These functions that you listed are in the source of ACF. It’s a big application. Have you tried using a search tool to search for them. For example search for

    function acf_get_setting

    When I search that I find in on line 16 of /api/api-helpers.php

  • Yeah, my bad sry. Have found it in the meantime.

    I have only searched in the github repository, but that’s not the PRO-version, so many files are missing there. 😉


  • Not a problem, glad to help. I keep a copy of ACF locally on a dev server I use just for testing and building new things, several actually. I’ve never tried searching a github repo. The Pro version is on github, but in a private repo. The best option for most people would be to download it from one of the sites they have it installed.

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