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function called before update_field

  • Hello,

    I’d like to know if there’s a hook that i called before update_field is triggered…
    I’m using a plugin that let the me display acf forms on frontend.
    This means users can edit the data, and also the meta associated. *
    But I need to do some stuff, and for that I need to checl the value of the meta before and after.
    Could you please help me ?

  • This hook runs before update

    If you want to check before and after then you can use this hook, before or after depends on the priority of your action

  • Hello,
    Thanks but it’s not working…
    I’m not able to get the actual value of the field, I just have the value updated…

  • What filter are you trying?

    If you use acf/update_value then $value will be the new value and the old value will be in the DB.

    If you use acf/save_post with a priority of <10 then the old value is in the DB and the new value is in $_POST[‘acf’][$field_key]

    ACF does not have the old value, nor care what it is, when saving. ACF will never have the old value when updating a field.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your answer, I think it will be ok.
    Just one question :
    How get I get the field_key from the field_name ?

    For example I do this :
    $current_status = get_field('status', $post_id);
    to retrieve the current value, beofre save.

    But to get the posted value I have to first get the key of this “status” field.


  • What filter are you using? Post some code. I can’t help without more information.

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