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FSE templates settings panel

  • template panels: part of the theme options pages that were controlling a specific template eg . the template of a single course template or author page etc

    In the classic themes we were using the redux or plugins like ACF to create panels to control the template options

    now in FSE with Gutenberg, we have a tab in the right sidebar (which contains two tabs one for the block control which is now the ACF but its’ form, and the other tab that shows the info of the current template )

    So what I suggest: ACF enables us to create a form in this tab, so we can use this setting in our blocks as a general/global settings

    imagine you open a template
    and you set its settings in the live editor, add its components in the live editor
    imagine how much we can use this in creating advanced themes with good and easy control without leaving everything to the end user ( who doesn’t want to make a lot of choices and always wants it as simple as possible )
    it will be a mix of all the advantages of classic customizer + Gutenberg FSE and old theme panels 🙂 WOW

    screenshot of classic theme panels:
    screenshot of the current FSE template panel sample:
    screenshot of the place I think it’s ideal:

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