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frontend_form rename label

  • Hello,

    i want to display a form in the frontend where the visitor can leave their names and all the names are displayed there. I created a CPT and used the title field for the name now when i display the frontend_form i want to rename the label of the title field into “Name” is this possible?

    `$options = array(
    “post_id” => “new_post”,
    “post_title” => true,
    “post_content” => false,
    “return” => add_query_arg(“success”, “true”),
    “new_post” => array(
    “post_type” => “namebook”,
    “post_status” => $post_status


  • Hi @mathishuettl

    Yes, I think you can do that. Here’s an example how to change the title label on the front end:

    function frontend_change_title_label( $field ) {
        // Only do it on the front end
        if( !is_admin() ){
            // Check if the current field is post title
            if( $field['name'] == '_post_title' ){
                // Change the label
                $field['label'] = 'Changed Title Label';
        return $field;
    // all
    add_filter('acf/prepare_field', 'frontend_change_title_label');

    I hope this helps 🙂

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