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Front end Wysiwyg editor

  • Hi all.

    Is there is an method to be able to use a different Wysiwyg editor than the wordpress one included on ACF ?

    Im making a full editing interface using acf form, and i don’t want the people to be able to look into the all media library to select a picture.

    I have already check the “limit choice to this article only”, but this option is not working apparently (or using it incorrectly), on. (acf Pro 5.6.7). I think it may have a but, as i did tested with different role (admin, subcriptor, editor..)

    So, the plan is using a wysiwyg editor to upload inside a post_content field the content including a front end image / file editor.

    Any hints on that ?

    Thank you all for the time.

  • Hi Wibi,

    Did you ever figure out a solution to this? Wanting to do something similar – limit what options are available on the WYSIWYG in the acf_form for user-generated content.


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