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Front-end submitting data into post/repeater

  • Hi there,

    I’d like to make a simple form on the front-end, like name, business, url, email. Then show these entries on the front-end like a “these businesses pledged their support” with specific fields showing (name + business + url).

    I figured I could do it with Gravity Forms and additional plugin for showing entries on front-end, but I feel like it’s possible with ACF.

    I’ve played around with ACF front-end forms, but it doesnt seem quite right for my purpose.

    Is there a way to:

    • Have visitors submit a small form (fields by ACF)
    • Get entries in either a new post per entry (in CPT), or, better, add them in a repeater field.
    • Toggle display on/off (set by admin), this is probably easy with one more fields and if/then in the template.
    • Confirmation message after submitting (or preferably automated email)

    Am I better off with Gravity Forms + front-end data, or is there a clean way to achieve this with ACF?


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