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[front end submission] clearer state that there are changes to save

  • Hi there,

    I want to use ACF in the front end.
    That already works.

    But when someone saves the form there will be the message “Post updated” and this message will stay there as it is pure HTML.

    This is confusion as this message will be there whenever the form is saved.

    Are there good ways to handle that?

    My favorite would be to save the form via Ajax but this seems to be complicated for my head (

    My next idea would be to have this text but
    a) Hide it after eg. 10 seconds – that should be no problem with JS or even CSS
    but I would prefer to give clear feedback about the state of the form – so
    b) hide the message as soon as chances where made to the form and also change the button form “nothing new to save” to “save changes” or so.

    Is there a handy way to know if the form is clean/pristine or something changed/dirty?
    The API seems to be still not very good documented, so maybe there are already handy things to use (

    My first idea would be to listen to change events to all acf-form fields and when there is a change to the changes that I want to see in my form.

    Are there more elegant ways or ideas?

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