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Front end form with options page on multisite

  • Hello @elliot,

    I have a new use for ACF and was wondering if this may work:

    I have users creating subblogs on a multisite setup. I want them to be able to visit a “website dashboard” that is a page I create and use queries to display different editing forms, i.e. “?type=photos” or “?type=videos”

    Now heres my questions. I want the website dashboard to be placed on the main site, so the full address would be
    and on the page it would then check for the logged in user, grab their blog id.

    Now, further, I don’t want to store the fields as part of a post id, but rather as options. How could I display the correct values based on logged in user?

    Could I grab the blog id, switch to blog, then output the acf_form? Im not sure that would work because then it may try to grab a form group ID from the switched blog, not the main site. And there of course wouldnt exist a form group on the subblog.

    I currently have the users going to the wp-admin dashboard and have all the ACF fields stored in multiple function files and conditionally loading based on wp_get_theme. Its actually quite cool. However, I’m assuming I could no longer
    use the function file load of the fields if I move to the “edit url for everyone” approach on the front end of the main blog. Im doing this because I can provide a more seamless experience for users by basically moving functionality of the back end to the front end.

    Ive been plotting this out on paper, and have yet to actually try it. I thought I’d be able to check the docs, but it seems that there is no mention to options pages on the acf_form function. Can you simply pass “options” for post_id, check that it says “options” in the filter, then do update to options instead of wp_insert_post?

    Thanks for any insight.

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