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Front-end form update ACF fields not saved to revision

  • Hello there,

    I’m using front-end form to create post.
    My goal is to create post and and update from frontend user login. User can modify details after login but i want that modified data saved as draft and don’t want to publish without approving by admin. Is there any way to get last modified ACF fields from frontend?

    I have tried with revisions but revisions does not shows correct fields while saving from frontend but it gives correct fields while saving from backend.

    Is there any other easy and better solution of this?

  • same problem here, please do you have a solution?

  • As far as I know, or last knew, so correct me if I am wrong, but WP does not have a built in feature to save changes as a draft that need approval. This can be done but would require a 3rd party plugin to create this functionality or you would need to code this functionality yourself in some way.

    There are 3rd party plugins that create this type of functionality and I would look for one of those that would allow me to integrate with it to use it in conjunction with an acf form.

  • hi John,
    thanks for taking the time to reply. I use acf_form in combination with Publishpress Reviews and they say to work together, but no one says how.

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