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Front-end form : revision on update

  • First, sorry if I made mistakes, english is not my native language.
    I’m using ACF to create and update posts in front-end, when I update my custom post type from the front-end, the changes are made but there is no revision created.
    If I update the post through the back-end, revision is created.

    How is it possible to create revision when I update my post trough the front-end ?


  • I have the same question. Is there any way to create a revision point by changing a post with acf via front-end form?

  • I’d also really like to know how to do this. Spent some time trying to force WP to recognise that the post had changed, but still no revision.

  • In your callback you can add an empty wp_update_post()

    wp_update_post( array('ID' => $post_id) );

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