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Front-End Form: Image Upload Errors

  • Hi, I’m a little new to WP, but I’m using ACF to build a small, barebones classified ads site that will be used by a local, nonprofit organization; site visitors (i.e. guests with no login) will be able to create a new post, which will sit in ‘draft’ mode until we approve it. Right now, I’m running the site locally (via MAMP) for testing, and I’ve got most of the project working correctly.

    Problem: I’m using the ACF front-end form function to make the “create-an-ad” functionality possible; everything is fine, except that image uploads return an error every time (unless I’m logged in and testing). What’s causing this and how can I get around it? 🙂

    Thank you!

  • So, peeps elsewhere are telling me that I’d better use Gravity Forms to accomplish this…anybody else want to chime-in here, before I go that route?

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