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Front End Form – Formatting

  • In acf_form() I can use the 'fields' => ids to display only parts of a field grouping.

    But how can I combine multiple acf_form() field groupings like this into a single form that is processed by acf_form_head()? Or, will I have to process the form myself?

    More specifically…

    I have a field group with 6 fields plus the title and content area. On the front end page, I want the title, content area and 2 of the fields displayed in the content area of the form page. And I want the remaining 4 fields displayed in the sidebar. I just want to lay it out differently than ACF normally does.

    My thinking is to make two calls to acf_form(), one in the content area and one in the sidebar. But I need the <form> element to encompass both “parts” of the form. That’s where I’m having issues.

    I want acf_form_head() to process the form, but I want to “render” the form myself and I’m not figuring out how to do this…

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