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Front End form for creating category within custom Taxonomy

  • Hi,

    I’ve just purchased ACF Pro and needed a little clarification on the acf_form() function.

    My setup:
    – Custom taxonomy called ‘projects’
    – Field group with one field with the rule assigned to ‘Taxonomy term if equal to ‘projects’

    Need to allow a front end form to create a new category within Projects. Would it be possible to use the Title, Slug and Description that WordPress provides + additional ACF fields or would it be one or the other?


  • Hello, I wonder how to create new taxonomy in my front end. I saw that it is available in WordPress admin, but not on the front page end!


  • For anyone that’s following or finds this.

    ACF 5 Pro allows terms to be added on the front end. The user must be logged in and have the capability to add terms to the taxonomy. You might even be able to do this with by setting the right capabilities when setting up the custom taxonomy. You’d need to look into the WP docs for that.

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