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Front-end form file upload issue

  • Hello team,

    I’m facing issue while using ACF frontend form to create post and register user.

    I’m using a field group as form. everything works perfectly fine but i’m facing a issue with updating file field inside a group.
    I’m using
    update_field( $post_id, 'field_5ff54806ef774', $_POST['acf']['field_5ff54730ef76a']['field_5ff54806ef774'] );
    inside acf/save_post hook.

    If i put die() at the end of the function to check whether i’m getting post data or not then everything works fine and media value inserted in database too but if i dont place die() then media value in database for field_5ff54806ef774 inserted as 0 .

    So i think there might be anything happening after acf/save_post hook.

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