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Front End Editor Not Working with Custom Post Type

  • I’ve created a custom post type, and I’d like the user to be able to edit their page from the front end. I am using advanced custom fields to add features such as links and images to the page. I set the fields for the ‘post’ post type and it would update and save the post no problem. However, when I set them to my post type, acf allows me to add the fields (links, images, etc) but does nothing when I click update. I’ve enabled debug and get not errors, and there is no error s in the console through Chrome. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Plugin conflict. Darn.

  • Which is the plugin you have the conflict with?

  • what conflict? i also have the same issue i can see the acf wrapper on my front-end post editor for our members but there’s no acf fields it in just a wrapper, but on the backend everything works fine all the fields that should be on the post type post is there however in the front end editor no acf fields is showing..

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