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Front End Conditional Logic Issue

  • Hello, I am using acf_form() to allow users to update a custom post on the front end. I am using conditional logic to show parts of the form if a true/false field is true. This works perfectly in the backend but if you create the post type in the backend and leave a true/false as false and then go to update it in the front end using acf_form(), ticking the true/false option to make it true does not show the fields that conditionally rely on it. Also even if you leave the field as false in the front end it shows the same number of fields that conditionally rely on it underneath, but with no labels and no ability to update if you enter data in them. example:

    ‘has_medical’ is a true/false field
    ‘medical_info’ shows if ‘has_medical’ returns true.

    if the user leaves the value of ‘has_medical’ as false when creating the custom post and goes to update it on the front end to have the value of true, this does not show ‘medical_info’. It shows an empty text field with no label whether it returns true or false, this field does not update the ‘medical_info’ field.

    I am just wondering if this is a known bug or if you have any advice on how to resolve the situation. cheers.

  • Are you still having problems with this?

    I’ve been trying to recreate what you are seeing using some simple fields and haven’t been able to.

    Are these fields part of something more complex? For instance, part of a repeater? If these are some type of nested field can you give me more information about the field group?

  • Hi John, thanks for your reply, what i hadnt realised was that there was an update available at the time of my issue, updating ACF solved this issue.

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