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Front End at to Repeater Field

  • Hi I am trying to add in a row to a custom field through the front end. I followed these methods:
    Which worked but was adding in blank rows. I have subsequently deleted all rows and added in a new one via the backend, but when I var_dump the field I get an array of 5 blank rows.

    Any ideas guys?

  • If you use the_form() to add a form on the front end, You can specify what field groups and specify what fields to show. Using the hook acf/pre_save_post you can then create new posts if you need to Users will be able to upload images using acf_form().

  • Hi John,

    Cheers for the help, I didn’t realise acf have a form. I solved it another way, by using ajax.

    	// This allows our page to have wordpress knowledge
    	define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
    	$userid = $_REQUEST['userid']; 
    	$email = $_REQUEST['email'];  
    	$username = $_REQUEST['username']; 	
    	$pageid = $_REQUEST['pageid']; 	
    	$attendFB = $_REQUEST['attendFB']; 
     $update_field = new WP_Query('showposts=1&post_type=tribe_events&orderby=date&order=ASC&p='.$pageid );
    					while ($update_field->have_posts()) : $update_field->the_post();
    	//get attending rows
    	if( have_rows('attending') ){
    		$gallery = get_field( 'attending' );
    	} else {
    		$gallery = array();
    	// add to existing array
    	$gallery[] = array(
    		'user_id'		=> $userid,
    		'name'	=> $username,
    		'email'	=> $email
    	// save new array
    	update_field("field_identifier", $gallery, get_the_ID());
    	endwhile;  wp_reset_query(); 
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