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Front-end acf_form() no CPT title

  • My front-end forms render, submit and create new CPT’s just like I want them to. However, the newly created CPT does not have a title.

    When I try to call the new created CPT from different CPT using the Post Object or Relationship fields, the CPTs are listed but only itemized as “untitled.”

    I am using this code in my functions file to create the_title using get_the_author(). On the back-end this successfully displays the CPT title as the post author. But the “the_title” cannot be called from the front-end and shows only as “untitled” in Post Object / Relationship fields.

    function agsm_custom_admin_titles( $title, $post_id ) {
        global $post;
        $output = $title;
        if( isset($post->post_type) ):
                    switch( $post->post_type ) {
                            case 'student_profile':
    			$studentid = get_field('student_willamette_u_id', $post_id );
    		        $output = $studentid;
    		switch( $post->post_type ) {
    			case 'internship':
    			$internid = get_the_author();
    			$output = $internid;
    		switch( $post->post_type ) {
    			case 'evaluation':
    			$evalid = get_the_author();
    			$output = $evalid;
                 return $output;

    Any ideas out there on what I’m missing here?

  • When calling acf_form() you can set the “post_title” setting to true. This will add a field for adding the post title

    If you want this field to be dynamically generated then you need to add an acf/save_post action that updates the post with your desired title.

  • Haven’t tried this solution yet but wanted to let you know I received the info and after a quick look I think this will be the key. It looks right to me. Will give it a try later today to confirm. Thank you for your fast and clear response. Much appreciated.

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