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Forms no longer working

  • Hi there,

    I am in the middle of working on a solution for a customer – and I have had a few issues along the way with the ACF front end form.

    I have been trying various things, but now it seems as if the return value (for the redirect) is *stuck*. I have changed it to another value but it still directs to the old value.

    Is the return value saved somewhere?

    There is no cache plugin, and I have cleared my local cache, flushed DNS etc.

    Also, the form fields were saved to a new post – worked flawlessly. This no longer works since I updated to the latest version of ACF Pro.

  • It doesn’t seem like the redirect value is cached. Looking at the code you can see that it simply uses wp_redirect() with a default status of 302:

    acf_form_front::submit_form() LN 451
    // redirect
    if( $return ) {
    	// update %placeholders%
    	$return = str_replace('%post_id%', $post_id, $return);
    	$return = str_replace('%post_url%', get_permalink($post_id), $return);
    	// redirect
    	wp_redirect( $return );

    Whatever is caching the redirect it doesn’t seem like it would be Advanced Custom Fields. Could it be another plugin or theme function interfering?

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I’ve actually got it sorted – it was my mistake all along.

    I had a line break before the acf_form_header() (so the redirect didn’t work – but it saved etc. as usual).

    Then in order to fix the redirect issue, I set up my own redirect (which needed an exit below it!) by hooking up acf/sav_post which then obviously would redirect but exit before actually saving. I obviously then forgot that I added this bit of code!

    tldr: Silly mistake by me!

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