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Format of Google Map field?

  • I have prepared a CSV of data with certain fields corresponding to Advanced Custom Fields. I am uploading via Smackcoders Import CSV Pro. Everything is working except the ACF Google Map field.

    In my spreadsheet, for that field value, I tried both of the following:
    “127 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017, United States, 40.7545455, -73.9732596”
    “127 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017, United States”

    Each time, on the Edit Post page, the above value shows up in the ACF Google Map text field portion, but the Google Map still is showing the default address in Melbourne. In what format do I need to upload an address for it to properly update the ACF Google Map field?


  • Update: It appears from a Smackcoders sample import file that this is the format:

    London Tavern Hotel, Lennox Street, Richmond Victoria, Australien|-37.82216990000001|144.9936796

    However, when I upload that to WordPress/ACF, I still have the same problem. The above data shows up in the field above the map, but the map is still showing the default of Melbourne. When you hit <return>, the map goes to the above location, but that obviously isn’t something I can do in a bulk import scenario.

    Does anyone know how I can force whatever trigger is happening between the field storage and the map lookup? Thanks.

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