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format of field keys when created

  • Hello

    Where I configure in ACF for when a new group of fields is created, the field keys are created in the format: field_5de6b8c596ad8

    Today when I create, the field keys are the field names, I have had a problem with name conflicts.


    Name | Key
    url_api | url-api

    I would like it to be:

    Name | Key
    url_api | field_5de6b8c596ad8

  • You have a filter somewhere that is interfering with the post slug. ACF stores the field key in post_slug. Something else, likely a filter, is altering the post slug that ACF is trying to use.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    The only thing I did differently was to create the acf-json folder, at that moment the keys started saving in this format.

    I removed the folder and still continued ..

    Is there any extra configuration?


  • In every case that this has happened it has always been caused by something else. You need to figure out what caused it. I would try disabling plugins and switching themes to narrow down the original cause. As I said, something is altering the post slugs. Also, once this has happened there isn’t any way that I know of to correct the field keys other than delete the fields and create new ones.

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